Behind-The-Scenes: Toronto Laneway Suite Video Tour – 202 Glebemount Ave.

What is a Laneway Suite?

Laneway suites in Toronto have been rapidly emerging as a popular housing option, providing a unique and innovative way to maximize urban living space.

These compact yet stylish dwellings are built in the backyards of existing properties, offering a modern and sustainable solution to address the city’s housing demands. Recently, our team had the incredible opportunity to film a tour of a stunning laneway house suite located at 202 Glebemount Ave. in the heart of Danforth Village. Join us as we take you behind the scenes of capturing the interior and exterior spaces, and how we skilfully utilized natural light to showcase the true beauty of this remarkable home.

202 Glebemount Ave. Laneway Suite in Toronto

As we entered the laneway house suite, we were immediately struck by its impeccable design and attention to detail. Our primary goal was to capture the essence of each room, highlighting the unique features and inviting atmosphere. The challenge lay in showcasing the space in a way that felt both spacious and intimate.

One of the standout elements of the interior was the abundance of natural light pouring in from the strategically placed skylights and windows. We were thrilled to discover how these brought in an enchanting play of light and shadow, creating a visually captivating atmosphere. To make the most of this natural light, we carefully timed our shots to capture the changing dynamics throughout the day, ensuring that each frame showcased the beauty of the space.

Kitchen + Living Room Area

Utilizing Natural Light to Enhance the Space

Working with the natural light became an integral part of our creative process. We strategically positioned ourselves to capture the warm rays of sunlight filtering through the skylights, illuminating the living areas and enhancing the natural textures and finishes. The interplay between light and shadow added depth and dimension to the footage, showcasing the unique architectural elements of the laneway house suite.

We also employed various techniques to maximize the impact of natural light on camera. Soft diffusers and reflectors were utilized to control and shape the light, allowing us to highlight specific areas of interest and create a harmonious balance throughout the footage. The play of light and shadow created an inviting and captivating ambience, immersing viewers in the tranquility of the space.

Natural Light Pouring Into One Of The Bedrooms

Capturing the Exterior Spaces

In addition to capturing the interior of the laneway house suite, we were equally enchanted by its exterior spaces. The seamless integration of the outdoor and indoor areas allowed us to showcase the true potential of this innovative living concept. The interplay of light, architecture, and natural elements presented us with a wealth of opportunities to capture stunning visuals.

The exterior shots were meticulously planned to capture the laneway house suite’s connection to its surroundings. We took advantage of natural lighting to accentuate the textures and colours of the exterior, showcasing the harmonious blend of contemporary design and natural beauty. Our team also utilized drone shots to showcase the home and its surrounding areas.

Laneway House Suite Exterior
Drone Shot Of Laneway House Suite Exterior

Filming the laneway house suite tour at 202 Glebemount Ave was a truly rewarding experience for our videography team. We had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the beauty and functionality of these innovative living spaces. Through our careful use of natural light, especially from the skylights, we were able to capture the true essence and ambiance of this remarkable laneway house suite.

Laneway suites continue to shape the urban landscape in Toronto, offering a sustainable and stylish solution to housing needs. We can definitely see the immense potential of these architectural gems and the power of natural light to transform spaces. It is our hope that the footage we captured truly does justice to the ingenuity and beauty of this laneway house suite, inspiring others to explore the possibilities of this unique housing concept.

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