About Us

Marketing and Content Creation Made Easy.

That Film Company is a versatile video production company situated in Toronto that specializes in commercial, promotional, and corporate videography services. Our team provides the tools, services and expertise needed to produce eye-catching, shareable, and professional marketing content to increase consumer engagement. That Film Company has the professional capacity to manage any size or type of project. 

With our innovative team, effective production methods and experience in the commercial market, we have the expertise to take your vision and make it a reality. Whether you need a focused production team for a commercial, brand marketing campaign, promotional video, event, product highlight, or a marketing reel to showcase your business, That Film Company can help.

We know that finding a commercial video production team that can create content focused on your business needs can be challenging, which is why we offer a complete video production solution. With numerous 5-star ratings, and over 100 different commercial and corporate projects, That Film Company offers all the needed production solutions for your next project.

If You Can Name It, Then We Can Do it!


We lay out your commercial project shot by shot in a visual outline.

Vision Building

Have a marketing vision and want to bring it to life? We put together all the elements to bring out the best aspects of your vision.

Location Scouting

We find and setup locations that can reflect the aesthetic goals of your video production.


We get all the right shots that showcase your corporate product or service.


Where the magic happens. We turn raw footage, cut it up and piece it together into a commercial masterpiece.

Sound Design

Every good video production needs music. We add and remix all the right tunes and sounds to really make your video pop!

How can we help with your company's marketing video needs?